BLDC Servo Motor Controller Driver Starter Kit

BLDC Servo Motor Controller Driver Starter Kit



Everything to get your BLDC or Brush DC Motor running within half an hour!

The EZSV17SK Starter Kit combines one EZSV17WV (2 Amp 40V) Brushless DC, (or Brush DC) Motor Controller + Driver, an RS485 Converter, and all cables required for the first time user to get their Servo Motor moving.  The user needs to supply only a power supply, a motor, and a PC.  The default PID values stored in the Controller are robust and will work with most motors that are 2" or less in diameter.

The same controller will wire to either Brush or Brushless Motors. (See Wiring Diagram.)

The EZ Start Document available on the website describes a step by step procedure explaining how to wire the hall sensors and get the phasing of the hall sensors and encoder correct.   

The EZServo Wiring Diagram shows exactly how to wire the EZSV17WV Servo Motor Controller + Driver.

Kit Includes:

  • One EZSV17WV Motor Driver Board
  • One RS485 Converter
  • All Cables
  • Please download most current documentation and software from the Website

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PRICE $235.00*

*First Time Buyer Price: $235.00 ea.

Additional EZSV17 Starter Kits Price: $335.00 ea.