Stepper Motor Driver Controller Starter Kit

EZ10ENSK Stepper Motor Driver Controller Starter Kit



Everything to get your Motor running within half an hour!

The EZ10ENSK Starter Kit combines one EZ10EN (1 Amp 30V) Stepper Motor Controller + Driver, an RS485 Converter, and all cables required for the first time user to get their Stepper Motor moving in less than half an hour. The user needs to provide only a power supply, a stepper motor, and a PC.

The EZStepper EZ10EN Wiring Diagram shows exactly how to wire the EZ10EN Stepper Motor Controller + Drive.

Once your motor is connected, connect the RS-485 Converter to your COM port on a PC and you'll be ready to start moving your motor. Please refer to the EZ Start Document available on the website.

Kit Includes

  • One EZ10EN Stepper Motor Controller + Driver Board
  • One RS485 Converter
  • One Pre-Wired Opto Interrupter, for use as a home flag
  • All Cables
  • Please download most current documentation and software from the Website

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PRICE $175.00*

*First Time Buyer Price: $175.00 ea.

Additional EZ10EN Starter Kits Price: $275.00 ea.