Everything to get your Motor running within half an hour!

The EZHR17SK Starter Kit combines one EZHR17 (1.25 Amp 40V) Stepper Motor Controller + Driver, an RS485 Converter, and all cables required for the first time user to get their Stepper Motor moving in less than half an hour.  The user needs to provide only a power supply, a stepper motor, and a PC.

The second page of the EZStepper Wiring Diagram shows exactly how to wire the EZHR23 Stepper Motor Controller + Drive.

Once your motor is connected, connect the RS-485 Converter to your COM port on a PC and you'll be ready to start moving your motor. Please refer to the EZ Start Document available on the website.

Kit Includes

  • One EZHR17 Stepper Motor Controller + Driver Board
  • One RS485 Converter
  • One Pre-Wired Opto Interrupter, for use as a home flag
  • All Cables
  • Please download most current documentation and software from the Website

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PRICE $224.00*

*First Time Buyer Price: $224.00 ea.

Additional EZHR17 Starter Kits Price: $324.00 ea.