Measuring just 1" X 1" , the EZ Inch Stepper Driver was designed to allow users to create miniature motion control solutions.

The inputs to this drive are STEP, DIRECTION, POWER (9V-30V) and GROUND. (There is no requirement for separate 5V power). The step and direction inputs accept 5V TTL level signals, or can accept switch closures to ground.  Please see the Wiring Diagram.

Two on board potentiometers set the MOVE and HOLD currents, and the on board electronics automatically switch between the two current settings when pulses are detected on the STEP input.

The drive current is up to 1 Amp.


  • 1 Amp Chopper (PWM) Stepper Driver
  • MilliOhm FETs allow board to run cool at 100% current
  • Operates from 12V to 30V
  • 1" X 1" X 05" Thick
  • Eighth, Quarter, Half, or Full Step - Dip Switch Selectable
  • 1/16th microstep resolution special option available
  • Hold and Move current settable with Potentiometers
  • Move current automatically selected when step input is active
  • Hold current automatically selected upon move completion
  • Accepts 24V or TTL Level Inputs
  • Up to 25000 pulses per second
  • RoHS compliant

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PRICE $69.00